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All hiring is values-driven. Generalists is an opinionated and differentiated hiring network, designed to foster lattice career development and improve hiring success by placing a lens on meta-learning.

By self-selection, all candidates and hiring managers on Generalists are of the following mind:

  • Meta-learning is more predictive of success than role tenure.
  • Growth opportunities drive better performance and deeper engagement than repeat roles.
  • Cognitively diverse teams are more productive and innovative.
Chart comparison between conventional hiring and behavioral hiring, indicating the best use cases for each

Spyro Karidis, Founder

Hiring is an intractable problem. Perhaps a better approach to it is a spectrum of solutions, each addressing specific use cases. I'm interminably curious to explore the substance and edges of how credentialing (and self-credentialing) could be better accomplished in order to facilitate non-linear career movement and improve hiring success.

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The Brand

Generalists' logo in vertical configuration

Our logo is made up of two elements—a symbol and a wordmark. Our symbol was designed to (1) celebrate the fluidity of lifelong learning, and (2) emphasize the depth of motivation and multi-functional skill set characteristic of Generalists. Our wordmark is the boldness of their initiative to move laterally in pursuit of new learning.

We hope that it inspires originality in how we hire, and greater freedom in how we design our careers.